After Hours Waterpark

Looking to experience Colossalcon beyond the panel rooms? Exclusively for Colossalcon attendees, we are offering an opportunity to enjoy the water park in an after-hours!

New for 2023, Each After Hours Event will now be centered around a theme!

After hours events

Location: Kalahari Indoor Waterpark

Wednesday: 11pm - 3am | sensory friendly night

Thursday: 11pm - 3am | Rave in the Waves with Likely Vain

Friday: 11pm - 3am | Pirate Night

Saturday: 11pm - 3am | Rave in the Waves

Where to purchase

Wednesday: 4pm - 9pm (at booth) | 9:30pm-2am (in front of waterpark entrance)

Thursday: 9:30am - 9pm (at booth) | 9:30pm-2am (in front of waterpark entrance)

Friday: 9:30am - 9pm (at booth) | 9:30pm-2am (in front of waterpark entrance)

Saturday: 9:30am - 9pm (at booth) | 9:30pm-2am (in front of waterpark entrance)

After Hours Rates

$35 per day

$85 3 day pack (your choice of 3 nights)

$110 all 4 nights

More Info:

The following items are prohibited:

  • Weapons

  • Outside food and drink

If you have any prohibited items, you will not be permitted to enter the waterpark. You may however bring food and drink purchased at the Kalahari into the water park.

At this time, we are planning to sell the wristbands for these events at the waterpark ticket booth in the convention center beginning at 9:30am throughout the day and, starting at 9:30pm each night, outside the waterpark. Wristbands are for select nights (Wednesday,Thursday, Friday or Saturday), so please plan accordingly.

The hot tub bar as well as beach hut bar and food service will be running all night long(bars will close at 2am)!

In addition to this you can cosplay inside the waterpark (and wear wigs)!

Alcohol Policies

Please note you are required to show your ID to purchase alcohol. This means that if you plan to purchase drinks during the event, you must have your ID on you in order to do so!

Waterpark Day Passes:

If you’re staying at the Kalahari, you get waterpark wristbands with your room for their normal waterpark hours. If you’re not a guest at the Kalahari and you’d like a full day experience in the water park, we will have one-day wristbands available at the waterpark pass booth in the convention center for $75 each(Kalahari day rate is over $100 per day) starting between 9:30am-10am(we have to receive them first from the Kalahari, and sometimes it takes a few minutes). They are only good on the day that you purchase them and we are limited to 200 per day.

Discount Waterpark Day Passes are available on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please note that if you are not staying at the Kalahari, you will need to provide your own towel. The Kalahari no longer provides towels to anyone without a Kalahari hotel room.

Spectator Admission Pass

Spectator passes only allow you in the water park and DO NOT allow you to enter any pools or rides Passes are good from 10am until park closes. Spectator passes are only available at the Kalahari Waterpark desk and are $29.99 per day. There is a limit of 100 per day available, and will be available on a first come first serve basis.