Welcome to the Colossalcon Guidebook! This digital guidebook has everything you need to know about the convention, including any changes or updates made at the convention. Paper schedules can also be found at Admission and Con Ops.

What's new in Guidebook?

January 2023 Updates

  • Bookmark panels you're interested in, and see your bookmarks listed on the "Bookmarks" page.
  • Search by event names, descriptions, and hosts to find panels you're interested in.
  • Hide finished panels on the schedule page by default
  • Added a light theme to go along with the default dark theme.
  • Added a Find On Map button on the Hours of Operation page, to help you locate core locations and services.

November 2022 Updates

  • Added filtering options to the Schedule page
  • Links on each card to apply filters to days, locations, and hosts
  • Click on rooms on the map page to see the schedule for that room
  • Click the map button on the schedule page to see where the location is on the map
  • "What's happening now?" and "What's happening next?" buttons to quickly filter events